Body Wisdom AZ

Massage Therapy Services Offered

Fall/Winter Rates

1 Hour Custom Massage - $70
90 Minute Custom Massage $90

Cash, Gold or Silver accepted, no credit cards

Myofascial Release

Gentle sustained pressure is applied to an area of focus, sinking into the fascia known also as the connective tissue.  The body and therapist work together to stretch or adjust the fascia with the goal of bringing the fascia back to a balanced and mobile state. The John Barnes Method is used along with other methods, as appropriate.

Relaxation Massage

Using various methods such as breath and visualization, I encourage a meditative state to help the mind let go and slow its repetitive thinking patterns, reducing worry and anxiety thereby helping the body to relax.

Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

After a full assessment of your posture, holding patterns, history and injury I will use massage, myofascial release, passive stretching and trigger point therapy to establish balance and recovery to an injured and painful area.  I will advise ways for you to stretch and recommend things you can do at home to help reverse your injury or holding pattern.  Depending on how long ago the injury took place and other factors will depend on how long it will take to correct.

Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

I offer an individual custom therapeutic yoga class that will bring stretching, breath work and meditation together to heal you as needed for you specifically.  Yoga is important because it removes blockages and balances body, soul and mind.  I teach Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.  Hatha focuses on postures (asanas) to strengthen the body and increase flexibility.  Kundalini focuses on the energetic body, removing blockages and increasing awareness.  These two yogas combined are what we need in our western culture.  Meditation at the end of the class will help stop the mind chatter and bring you peace of mind.

Tao Hands Practitioner

As a Tao Hands Practitioner, a special 'download' was received from Chinese Master Zhi Gang Sha through Debra Manning for  essential soul/body/mind healing ability. In addition, practical techniques were learned. With these special abilities and training, I am able to give healing blessings in person and remotely, to individuals and groups to enhance flourishing in every aspect of life.  As a Tao Hands Practitioner I can give blessings to:

Physical body
Emotional body
Mental body
Spiritual body
Spiritual journey
Finances and business
Residence or home office

I have chosen not to charge for this service even though it is the most powerful healing I offer.

Head, Neck, Shoulder and Hip

So many of us have tightness these areas.  Working at computer, driving, and other stationary activity causes tightness in these areas.  Clare Marie will use all of her skills and training to release these areas, opening up and increasing the flow of blood, oxygen, fluids and energy to these areas that are so needed.

Passive Stretching

This is a great way to increase your body’s mobility and range of motion.  Specific stretches are used as appropriate.   It will also get you started for stretches you can do at home between appointments.

Rotator Cuff Injury

There is a specific group of stretches, myofascial work and deep tissue techniques that if applied regularly will lead one to healing this injury thus avoiding surgery.

Fascial Stretching

This is a specialized way to stretch the fascia.  A new way to return fascia to its original and more balanced state.  It uses various poses but sustained so that the fascia really has a chance to respond.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

With ongoing therapy this can be healed with specific stretches, deep tissue work and myofascial techniques.  Right away you will notice less pain and more mobility after a session.

Healing Salve

I make a healing salve and use it with my therapy.  The salve includes Arnica and fresh Rosemary for sore muscles and joints.  The Rosemary also uplifts the spirit and stimulates memory.  St. John's Wort to nourish and stimulate circulation, it also has a calming effect and uplifts the spirit.  It will fight inflammation and skin irritations and encourage a peaceful state of mind.  Comfrey leaf to sooth and protect irritated or inflamed tissue and relieve muscle, joint and arthritic pain.  Thyme to reduce muscle cramps and pain.  Other ingredients are olive oil, beeswax and rosemary essential oil. This salve will heal the tissue, lessen pain and relax the muscles.  $12 for 4 fl. oz.