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Clare Marie Fritz

Massage Therapy
Head, Neck, & Shoulder Pain Relief.

Open  8-5  Daily

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6282 Hardscrabble Road,  Pine, Arizona  85544

Clare Care Rosemary Healing Salve

For aching joints and muscles
Made from all natural products

Tao Hands Practioner


Energy Healing

Rise Up Yoga Class

Custom Yoga Class just for you.
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As a licensed massage therapist, Clare Marie specializes in providing relief for tight shoulders, neck, upper body and hips. She will use various techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to relieve pain in these areas.

Clare Marie is highly trained and experienced in Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Massage assessing your posture and applying techniques to relieve pain and bring your body back to balance.   Myofascial Release, John Barnes Method, is used along with other methods to work on the connective tissue to return alignment and relieve stressed muscles.

If you have a Rotator Cuff injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, she will use her combined specialized training to return alignment, often adding Passive Stretching  to increase mobility and heal the injury.

If you would like a Relaxation Massage, she uses various breath and visualization techniques along with Swedish Massage to help you unwind from a stressful life.

All her massages are custom massages to suit your needs.  There is no difference in price between any type of massage.

If you are interested in, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga and meditation, Clare offers private classes in Pine, Arizona.

She is a Tao Hands directed energy healing practitioner.  Trained by Chinese Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Her studio is located in Pine and serves all of the Pine, Payson and Strawberry area.

In many instances she will use Rosemary Healing Salve to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and help heal an injured area.  She makes it herself and it is all natural.

Massage therapy serving Pine, Payson, and Strawberry AZ.

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